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Funding is available through outside agencies for an individual classroom or school facility project. The Grants Department is here to help with the writing, budgeting, and submission; the application will be more favorably considered when applied for by the classroom teacher or other staff member - especially when they are classroom grants.

See the Grant Links for Classroom Teachers section below for additional information on available grants.
Six questions to ask before applying for a grant

Adapted from an article in eSchool New, September 2, 2011
( by
Deborah Ward

These six questions will help you determine whether it’s worth your time to apply for a particular grant.

1.      Is your work aligned with the funder’s mission, goals, and objectives?

It is a waste of time to submit a proposal for a project and/or an organization that does not align with their mission, goals and objectives.

2.      What is the likelihood of receiving funding?

One of the best ways to determine this likelihood is to look at factors such as the presence of an established relationship with the funder (because you’ve received a grant from the funder before, for example, or you have a direct connection to one of the program decision makers), the types of organizations that have received funding in the past, and the types of projects that have been funded.

3.      Do the funder’s application and reporting requirements allow you to fairly and accurately portray your work, its challenges, and your successes?

Some funders do have these materials posted on their websites, making them easily accessible to all, not just to grant winners.

4.      Does the funder make its application and reporting requirements and timelines clear up front—including budgets and any attachments?

If these items are not made clear, it could possibly signal that moving forward with a project with this funder could be an experience fraught with frustration—along with opportunities for many mistakes to be made.

5.      Is the amount of effort required to complete the application, reporting, and program delivery something you want to invest in?

Although winning a grant is exciting, not being able to manage a grant-funded project can be a horrible experience. Sometimes even small grants have extraordinary program delivery an that are out of proportion with the amount of money they bestow.

6.      Who at the funding organization is available to answer your questions? If no one is available, is it worth applying?

It is very hard to apply for a grant when you have questions and there is either no one available to answer them or no system in place to ask questions and receive responses.

If you have questions, call Dr. Joan Conway at the Central Office. Below are many grants that may be good fits for you...
Grants - Posted August 17, 2011
Grant Name:  Kinder Morgan Foundation Education Grants
Funded by:  Kinder Morgan Foundation

Description:  Grants are primarily directed to educational programs for youth in grades K-12. Funding is provided to local, state, provincial and regional educational institutions, libraries and programs that provide ongoing support, such as Junior Achievement. The foundation also supports youth programs provided by local arts organizations, symphony orchestras, museums and others. Initial approach is to contact the foundation for application form, which is required.

Program Areas:  Arts, Community Involvement/Volunteerism, General Education, Library, Math, Reading, Science/Environment, Social Studies

Recipients:  Public School, Private/Charter School, Other
Proposal Deadline:  9/10/2011
Average Amount:  $3,500.00 - $5,000.00
Contact Person:  Maureen Bulkley
Availability:  All States

Grant Name:  Captain Planet Foundation Education Grants
Funded by:  The Captain Planet Foundation

Description:  The foundation supports projects that: 1) Promote understanding of environmental issues; 2) Focus on hands-on involvement; 3) Involve children and young adults 6-18 (elementary through high school); 4) Promote interaction and cooperation within the group; 5) Help young people develop planning and problem solving skills; 6) Include adult supervision; 7) Commit to follow-up communication with the foundation (specific requirements are explained once the grant has been awarded).

Program Areas:  Community Involvement/Volunteerism, General
Education, Science/Environment, Social Studies, All Other

Recipients:  Public School, Private/Charter School, Other
Proposal Deadline:  9/30/2011
Average Amount:  $250.00 - $2,500.00
Contact Person:  Taryn Murphy
Availability:  All States

$5,000 for teachers that demonstrate leadership

Integrated Project Management Company, Inc. Leadership Education Grant Grant
Organization: Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.
Eligibility: The applicant must be a grade 9-12 certified teacher working at a Chicago school.
Grant Value: $5,000
Grant Deadline: Thursday September 15th, 2011

Because IPM believes that education is vital to the formation of leaders and good citizens, and an integral part of economic survival for individuals as well as communities and our country, it has created the IPM Leadership Education Grant. This grant will be awarded to a high school teacher who demonstrates outstanding leadership, honesty, and integrity, and presents a plan that will instill these traits in his/her students.

The purpose of this grant is to provide funds for a classroom teacher who has an innovative, meritorious idea that will advance leadership, citizenship, and service. A qualifying project would make creative use of teaching aids or activities and approach the subject matter from an imaginative angle.


Up to $5,000 for one-time project needs

Lowe's Toolbox for Education Grant Program Grant
Organization: Lowe's Charitable And Educational Foundation
Eligibility: Any individual public K-12 school or non-profit parent group associated with that public K-12 school. Parent groups that are applying (PTO, PTA, etc.) must have an independent EIN and official 501c(3) status from the IRS.
Grant Value: $2,000-$5,000
Grant Deadline: Friday October 14th, 2011

For more than 60 years, Lowe's has supported the communities we call home. At a time when schools and community groups are struggling to make ends meet, Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation recognizes that we must increase our focus on basic, one-time project needs.

Again, this year, we challenge ourselves to seek ways to provide the tools that help our educators and parent groups through these challenging times efficiently and with the greatest impact. In 2011-2012, basic needs will take priority. Please keep this focus in mind as you apply for a Toolbox for Education Grant in the 2011-2012 academic year. Thank you.


Up to $150,000 for developing people's garden

People's Garden Grant Program
Organization: National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Eligibility: State governments County governments City or township governments Independent school districts Public and State controlled institutions of higher education Native American tribal governments (Federally recognized) Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education Private institutions of higher education Individuals
Grant Value: $150,000
Grant Deadline: Friday August 26th, 2011

NIFA announces the availability of grant funds and requests applications for the People's Garden Grant Program (PGGP) for fiscal year (FY) 2011 to facilitate the creation of produce, recreation, and/or wildlife gardens in urban and rural areas, which will provide opportunities for science-based informal education. This program is a joint initiative supported by USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Food and Nutritional Service, Forest Service, and Natural Resources Conservation Service, in addition to NIFA. Successful applicants will provide micro-subgrant support to smaller local projects. This notice identifies the objectives for PGGP projects, the eligibility criteria for projects and applicants, and the application forms and associated instructions needed to apply for a PGGP grant. NIFA additionally requests stakeholder input from any interested party for use in the development of the next RFA for this program.In addition, in order to answer questions that you may have concerning this RFA and the pending project, NIFA will host a teleconference on Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern Time). For those unable to participate in the call, NIFA will post a summary of the questions and the information provided to our website, To participate in the teleconference, please call toll-free (888) 858-2144; the access code is 1059897.


Up to $1000 for integrating arts into education

P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education Grant
Organization: P. Buckley Moss Foundation For Children's Education
Eligibility: K-12 teachers
Grant Value: $100-$1000
Grant Deadline: Friday September 30th, 2011

The P. Buckley Moss Foundation For Children's Education has grants available up to $1,000 to be awarded in 2011 to educators who need assistance to further their program goals.

Applications may be made for a grant up to $1,000 to support a new or evolving program that integrates the arts into educational programming. The purpose is to aid and support teachers who wish to establish an effective learning tool using the arts in teaching children who learn differently.


Up to $20,000 for matching book grants

Matching Book Grants
Organization: Literacy Empowerment Foundation
Eligibility: Schools
Grant Value: $100.00-$20,000.00
Grant Deadline: Friday September 30th, 2011

A school can now order $40,000.00 worth of books and pay only $20,000.00. (Any amount purchased from $100.00 to $20,000.00 will be matched.)

You can view the titles in each collection available in the Matching Book Grant program by clicking on the individually highlighted collections.

Matching Book Grants allow your school to double its purchasing power. This is a limited time offer that requires no special screening or applications.


$10K for STEM competition

Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology
Organization: College Board and the Siemens Foundation
Eligibility: High school students
Grant Value: 10 awards of $1,000
Grant Deadline: Monday October 3rd, 2011

This competition is dedicated to providing scholarships and increasing access to higher education for talented mathematics, science, engineering, and technology students in the United States.


$10,000 for an outstanding science teacher

Shell Science Teaching Award Grant
Organization: National Science Teachers Association
Eligibility: K-12 classroom science teachers
Grant Value: $10,000
Grant Deadline: Monday October 17th, 2011

This award recognizes one outstanding classroom science teacher (K-12) who has had a positive impact on his or her students, school, and community through exemplary classroom science teaching


Your key to all the latest funding opportunities
The following Grants are available for educators in McDowell who match the description and have an idea about how to improve instruction. Please contact the grants department for assistance on any portion of a grant that you need us to guide you through. We are here to help.

Dr. Joan Conway
Director of Student Services & Grant Writer

Grants - Looking Toward 2011
Ongoing Grant Deadlines

Grants for middle and high school math teachers

Toshiba America Foundation (TAF) grants
Organization: Toshiba America Foundation
Eligibility: Grades 6-12 math and science teachers
GrantValue: Awards fall into two groups: Grants up to $5,000 and grants over $5,000

Grade 6-12 applications for $5,000 or less are accepted on a rolling basis, throughout the calendar year. Grant requests of more than $5,000 are reviewed twice a year. Applications for grants of more than $5,000 are due February 1st and August 1st each year.


Play games for scholarship money Scholarship Gaming
Eligibility: Middle and high school students
GrantValue: Varies

Competition for scholarships is grouped into a series of 75 day rounds. Players will compete against the entire community to generate the highest cumulative scores for 45 days. A time limit of 20 minutes is imposed on each competition. Within 30 days, the 15 players with the highest scores are flown to Disney’s BoardWalk Resort to compete head-to-head for the scholarships. The first round of competition kicks off November 1, with participants playing for a $10,000 first prize. Each of the 15 finalists will receive scholarship money, in the form of 529 plan contributions that can be used towards educational expenses. Scholarships will only be awarded to middle-and high-school students, aged 13 and above. Competition rounds will repeat every 45 days, for a total of 120 planned scholarship opportunities in the next year.


Access free math curriculum tools

Free teacher tools
Organization: DreamBox Learning
Eligibility: Any teacher
GrantValue: Free DreamBox teacher tools and PDFs

Any teacher can use DreamBox online manipulatives free, with an internet connection and an interactive white board or projector – or even just a computer.

DreamBox has developed a variety of resources to support teachers’ perfoessional development and students’ mathematical learning.


Download free curriculum guides on the science of vision

Museum of Vision curriculum guides
Organization: Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology
Eligibility: Everyone
GrantValue: Free curriculum guides for ages 10-14

In order to help continue and strengthen the education of our youth and educators, the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Museum of Vision is providing three FREE curriculum guides for teachers and parents interested in teaching children about the science of vision.

These guides are fun and interesting educational resources designed for children ages 10-14. Each guide can be downloaded at and is free of charge.


Complete classroom A/V system

Classroom Technology Grant Program
Organization: Extron
Eligibility: K-12 classrooms
GrantValue: Installation of an Extron Classroom A/V system and complete training

The Extron Classroom A/V System Grant Program provides increased visibility to K-12 educational technology projects by supplying selected pilot classrooms with advanced audio/video solutions. This grant program aims to boost students’ interest and achievement in the classroom, as well as help prepare them for the workplace. The goal of the pilot classroom is to demonstrate the ease-of-use and benefits of Extron classroom A/V technology to students, teachers and administrators.


Additional $500,000 released for NGAGE grant program

Netop Get A Grant for Education (NGAGE) program
Organization: Netop Solutions A/S
Eligibility: Educational institutions and teachers
GrantValue: Up to $1,600

Netop has just received $500,000 in funding for school that purchase Vision6, the award-winning classroom management software proven to improve student achievement. NGAGE grants are available until funding runs out.

Netop launched the Netop Get A Grant for Education (NGAGE) program to help educators struggling with shrinking budgets. Available until funds run out, this program provides financial support for schools to purchase an individual or site license for the Netop Vision6 Class Kit, the most popular classroom management software, proven to improve student achievement.

The Vision6 Class Kit is priced at $999, but with an NGAGE grant of $450, an educator would pay only $549 per lab. Schools can also receive grants of $1,600 for a site license, making Netop Vision6 more affordable.


Win grants for classroom A/V control equipment

T-Squared Grant Program
Organization: Hall Research
Eligibility: All educational institutions
GrantValue: Grants for classroom A/V control equipment

Hall Research announced the launch of the T-Squared (Teaching through Technology) Grant Program that will give educational institutions the opportunity to receive grants for classroom A/V control equipment. Schools will have the ability to apply for a grant by filling out and submitting a simple application. Hall Research’s Grant Committee will review applications and announce grant recipients on a regular basis as long as the grant prog! ram stays in effect. The grant program is available to any public or private primary, secondary, and higher education institution in the United States.


T-Squared Grant Program


ICIF creates Michael Vergauwen Education Fund

Michael Vergauwen Education Fund
Organization: International Communications Industries Foundation
Eligibility: Open
GrantValue: To be determined

InfoComm International’s foundation, the International Communications Industries Foundation (ICIF), created the Michael Verguwen Education Fund to recognize the career achievements of AV industry leader, Michael Vergauwen. Vergauwen, the COO of AVI Systems and officer of InfoComm International, died in an accident on June 28. 

The Michael Vergauwen Education Fund will foster educational opportunities, enhancing the audiovisual industry’s service to the public through scholarships, curriculum development, community engagement and the promotion of careers in the AV field. Proceeds from investing the fund will be used on an annual basis to create these new educational opportunities, while the balance will be maintained to continue to make investments in the industry on an ongoing basis.
The fund has set an initial target of $100,000 to begin the activities of the fund. Companies and individuals wishing to contribute to this fund should send donations to: Michael Vergauwen Education Fund, ICIF, 11242 Waples Mill Road, Suite 200, Fairfax, VA  22030. Checks should be made payable to the International Communications Industries Foundation. Donations will be tax deductible.


Free access to SAS online curriculum resources

SAS Curriculum Pathways
Organization: SAS
Eligibility: All educators
GrantValue: Free access to SAS Curriculum Pathways

SAS Curriculum Pathways, which is used by thousands of teachers in more than 30 states, is now available for free to every educator in America. SAS Curriculum Pathways provides content in the core disciplines of English, mathematics, social studies, science and Spanish. Aligned with state standards, it has more than 200 InterActivities and 855 ready-to-use lessons that enable technology-rich instruction and engage higher-order thinking skills. It is primarily for use in grades 8-12, though middle school content is in development.


$100,000 from Able Information Technologies to eight Arizona schools
Organization: Able Information Technologies

Able Information Technologies has completed a contest to reward Arizona schools for their exemplary use of technology to improve education. The contest, which awarded $100,000 worth of prizes to eight winning schools, was a collaboration of Able, the Arizona Technology Council, the Arizona Technology in Education Alliance, and the Greater Arizona eLearning Association.

L.W. Cross Middle School in Tucson took first place for its use of technology in a cross-curricular course taught between eighth-grade English and social studies classrooms. Emily Gray Junior High School in Tucson took second place for using virtual literature circles to help extend classroom reading. Maricopa Wells Middle School took third place for its Mini-Cities program, which taught vertex-edge graphing to eighth-graders. All three winners received computers and scholarships for graduate-level education classes. Five honorable mention winners also received audiovisual equipment and graduate scholarships.


JPMorgan Chase Foundation Grants (Deadline: Ongoing)
The JPMorgan Chase Foundation welcomes grant inquiries from non-governmental organizations working internationally in the Foundation's three focus areas: community development; youth education; and arts and culture. Of particular interest are requests in the areas of microfinance and support for small business development; low-income housing; youth education in low-income communities; and arts and culture projects aimed at promoting asset development in low-income communities. To be considered for a grant, an organization must be working in one of the countries outside the U.S. where JPMorgan Chase has a grants program. For more information about the grant application process and determining your organization's eligibility, please visit

PepsiCo Foundation Grants (Deadline: Ongoing)
The PepsiCo Foundation seeks to foster healthy, vibrant, and self-sufficient communities worldwide through global partnerships that improve the quality of life across communities in areas of great need. Grants provide support in the areas of health, including food security and improved nutrition; environment, including water security, sustainable agriculture, and adaptive approaches to climate change; and education, including access to education and training for the underserved and women's empowerment. The Foundation aims to provide support to underserved regions across the globe. Registered nonprofit organizations (501(c)(3) organizations in the United States or the equivalent internationally) are eligible to apply. Requests of up to $100,000 are accepted through the Foundation's letter of interest application process. Letters of interest may be submitted year round. Guidelines for submitting a letter of interest are available at:

Do Something Seed & Growth Grants (Deadline: Ongoing)
Are you working to start a community action project or program? Do you need money to put your ideas into action? If you answered, "YES!", you are eligible to apply for a Do Something Seed Grant. We give out a $500 Do Something Seed Grant every week to help young people just like YOU!  Do Something Seed Grants are targeted towards project ideas and programs that are just getting started. These grants can be used to jump-start your program or to realize your ideas for the first time. These are grants for all types of community action projects around causes that you care about and are important in your community! Deadlines: Rolling- Apply now! You will be notified whether or not you have won within 2-3 months after submission.

Did you create a sustainable community action project, program or organization that you want to grow? Are you looking for funding to take your already successful project to the next level? If you answered "YES!", you are eligible to apply for a Do Something Growth Grant. We give out a $500 Do Something Growth Grant every week to help young people just like YOU! Do Something Growth Grants are targeted towards projects that are already developed and sustainable. These grants go towards the next steps of your project and organization to help you as you look to expand your project and grow your impact.Deadlines: Rolling- Apply now! You will be notified whether or not you have won within 2-3 months after submission.

National Council for Community and Education Partnerships
The National Council for Community and Education Partnerships is mostly focused on access to higher education and they have a lot of really great resources and links.
eProfessional Association Grant
$10 million to help K-12 schools enhance their web sites

Organization: eProfessional Association
Eligibility: K-12 schools and districts
Value: $500 to $100,000 per award

eProfessional Association, the nonprofit arm of Minnesota-based Distributed Website Corp., is providing $10 million in grants for web-based applications to help K-12 schools and districts add new features to their existing school web sites. For the grant process, eProfessional Association will conduct a needs assessment with the requesting organization's technology or administrative staff. Only schools that are found to benefit from reduced operational costs as a result of the technology will be provided with grants. Grants range from $500 to $100,000 depending upon the applicant's need. Applicants are required to contribute a portion of the cost, which will be determined based on the school's financial capability.

Contact: Mark Kevitt
Toshiba America Foundation Grant
$5,000 per award for innovative math and science projects

Organization: Toshiba America Foundation
Eligibility: Educators in grades 7-12
Value: $5,000 per award; number of awards varies

The Toshiba America Foundation is a nonprofit grant-making organization dedicated to supporting science and math education in the U.S. The foundation contributes to the quality of science and mathematics education by investing in projects designed by classroom teachers to improve instruction for students in grades 7-12. The foundation awards grants of $5,000 on a rolling basis. For grants of more than $5,000, applications are due Feb. 1 and Aug. 1 of each year.

Grant Writing FAQ & Step-by-Step Instructions
A document titled grant writing instructions has been posted on this page under the Helpful Documents and Other Information section heading. This document contains FAQ as well as step-by-step instructions on submitting a grant.
Grant tips from Stan Levenson
Regardless of the size of the grant opportunity, there are six basic components to any grant application -- including the mini-grant. According to Levenson, no application should be without: (1) An assessment of how your efforts will meet an important unmet need; (2) Well-articulated goals and benchmarks for success; (3) Clear program and process objectives; (4) Detailed methods and activities to be funded by the grant; (5) Specific evaluation framework; and (6) A detailed and credible budget.

Helpful documents and other information
 Grant Writing Instructions.pdf
Grant Writing FAQ.
Step-by-Step Instructions: Submitting a Grant.
 Grant Writing Sample.pdf
Note: Collier County, Florida school district was a valuable source in creating this sample.
A nice rubric to use to make sure you have covered all the basics in writing your grant.

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